The Five: January 2018

Those that know me, know I’m a bit of a music junkie. Every memory and phase of my life has a soundtrack tied to it. From rock to hip hop to various flavors of electronic, I enjoy music from pretty much every era and genre. The Five will be a monthly, quarterly (or when I feel like it) feature that will (re)introduce five different tracks from various genres. They may all be current or some may be throwbacks — I’m turning the dial here. Without further ado, here are The Five for January 2018:

Foster The People – Sit Next To Me

Foster The People is one of my favorite current indie rock/alternative bands. The California-based group’s 2014 album Supermodel is one of my favorite albums start to finish and has amazing replay value despite receiving terrible critic reviews. That said, I’ll point out most critics also shit on Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory, which I feel is one of the greatest albums. This track is off their newest album, Sacred Hearts Club. While the new album doesn’t quite have the staying power of Supermodel, it does have several catchy singles that ooze that FTP sound.

Lovelytheband – Broken

Lovelytheband, another California-based indie rock band, is a newcomer to the music scene having formed in 2016. “Broken” is their debut single released in April 2017 and to say it’s unbelievably catchy would be an understatement. The song is easy to memorize and you’ll find the chorus stuck in your head in no time. I think we can all identify with the song — we all have issues and we’re all broken in some way.

GUNSHIP – Fly For Your Life

GUNSHIP is a British synthwave band that is self described as “neon soaked, late night, sonic getaway drive, dripping with luscious analog synthesizers, cinematic vocals and cyberpunk values, exploding from the front cover of a dusty plastic VHS case which has lain forgotten since 1984.” Not only is “Fly For Your Life” a pretty solid song, but the music video is absolutely mesmerizing — an eerie ode of two men who get turned into monsters by war.

Run The Jewels – Legend Has It

This was my jam this pastt Summer but it’s getting ready to make another cycle as it has been put on the Black Panther soundtrack and trailers. RTJ is known for socially conscious rap and this song is no exception. The video plays off the “guilty until proven innocent” theme and the numbers that flash throughout the video are the rising rates of mass incarceration in the United States. The beat make this one the complete package.

The Struts – One Night Only

Who said glam-rock was dead? This song feels like it should be sandwiched in between some vintage David Bowie and Alice Cooper in the 70’s or even put into the big hair rock rotation of the 80’s. Wasn’t really familiar with The Struts prior to hearing this and their “Could Have Been Me” songs at the gym but they’ll definitely be someone I check out when they release new music.

There you have it… The Five for January 2018. So, what do you think about my selections? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Be sure to leave a reply below with your thoughts.

Proud Sycamore alum, lifter, sports enthusiast, blogger, gamer and tech geek. All-Around Nerd.

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About Me

Proud Sycamore alum, lifter, sports enthusiast, blogger, gamer and tech geek. All-Around Nerd.

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