The Five: April 2018

Welcome to our second installment of “The Five” for April 2018. It’s been a couple months since the inaugural series entry but we’re back with five more solid songs. I’m not really sure why I’m using our/we’re as I’m the only hamster in this cage, but in any event, I hope you listed the songs I picked for this edition. Let’s Go!

Drake – God’s Plan

Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of Drake as I think a lot of his music sounds too similar compared to his hip-hop contemporaries, but I really enjoyed the premise of the video for this single. Essentially, a video crew followed Drake around Miami while he gave away his label’s $999,631.90 budget to those in need. While many in the media have came out and called this a PR stunt, even if it started that way, the impact that a million dollars has in a economically depressed community more than makes up for any alleged insincerity. Ask those families that were able to load up shopping carts worth of food if they gave a shit about it being a PR stunt. Maybe those running their mouths should open their wallets instead?

Eminem featuring Ed Sheeran – River

Eminem caught a lot of flack for his recently released Revival album, but he’s always written about his life so I’m not sure why people are shocked it is more of the same? He isn’t some angst ridden twenty year old trying to make it anymore so his music is going to have a different vibe. A lot of his recent work has been more about reflecting on his past and this track is no differen. Billboard had a great piece on decoding the lyrics after it’s launch so I won’t regurgitate what was written there. Well worth the read and the watch. I mean, he is the lyrical GOAT.

The Killers – Rut

In honor of me finally getting to see the Killers later this Summer, “Rut” is the next single that will be coming off their Wonderful Wonderful album. Both “The Man” and “Run For Cover” have been fun, upbeat tracks and this one throws the car into reverse and addresses some serious issues — namely depression and the act of suppressing it rather than dealing with it. It’s a pretty powerful video that many folks out there can identify with in some way.

Sir Sly – &Run

Sir Sly is a relatively new indie rock band from Los Angeles. “&Run” is the fourth single off of their second studio album Don’t You Worry, Honey and is a gym playlist song of mine. Honestly, I don’t know much more about them, but they are opening up for The Killers concert I’m attending so I’m starting to dig more into them. Their most popular song to date is “High,” which hit #3 on the Billboard Alternative music chart. If I had to compare their sound to a couple other bands, it would be Foster The People, Joywave, Portugal. The Man, MGMT and others of those ilk.

Dixie Chicks – Not Ready To Make Nice

This one is an oldie. “Not Ready To Make Nice” was released back in 2006 and was the Dixie Chicks doubling down on the “anti-Bush” statements lead singer Natalie Maines made during a concert overseas: “We don’t want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.” With that short statement, the Dixie Chicks were essentially done, derailed within a couple years due to conservative boycott and backlash, which happened to be a majority of their country music fan base. Here we are, fifteen years later, and we’re still dealing with Iraq. I’d be interested in hearing from those that spoke out against the Dixie Chicks in 2003 and how they feel about their original stance now, in retrospect. Knowing what we know now, my guess is some would likely change their tune.

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Proud Sycamore alum, lifter, sports enthusiast, blogger, gamer and tech geek. All-Around Nerd.

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