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Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. Well, it’s been quite awhile since I have dropped a new blog entry. Life got a wee bit chaotic over the last several months to say the least. In any event, here is a quick little recap of my Summer and what my plans are for the blog going forward.

In late April, I was selected to participate in the Cisco Global Cybersecurity Scholarship program. The scholarship entailed taking two web-based cybersecurity courses and then passing two exams. Each course ran about two months followed up by a 60-70 question exam. As Information Security has been an interest of mine, I was excited to be selected, especially since the package carried a $3,500 price tag. The verdict? I’m now Cisco Certified Network Associate in Cyber Ops certified.

If trying to focus on the certification wasn’t enough, we decided to sell our house to take advantage of a hot seller’s market. We’ve been planning for several years to relocate from Indiana to the West Coast — we were just waiting for our last child to graduate from high school. Having seen inventory fly off the market, we decided on a whim to get the house thrown together and listed over the course of a couple weeks. Once we got a couple projects knocked out, we got with our realtor and got it listed. It sold in two days.

A good problem to have, right? Yes, but it didn’t make the two weeks of downsizing furniture, finding an apartment, and moving any less stressful. Why stop there? We also had a lease turn in and purchase of another vehicle. Needless to say, most of Summer 2018 was an exercise in problem management and logistics. Alas, I’m back and hope to drop updates a little more frequently until the next time life comes calling for full, undivided attention.

As for what comes next topic wise, I’m likely going to focus on health and fitness. I’ve not been consistent with my ketogenic eating plan and my body has paid for it with some slight weight gain and increased inflammation. I find when I immerse myself into subject matter, behavior modification and personal accountability tend to be easier. So the goal is to get back on my eating plan and to lose 20 pounds by Christmas.

Can I do it? Guess we’ll see… Welcome back!

Proud Sycamore alum, lifter, sports enthusiast, blogger, gamer and tech geek. All-Around Nerd.

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About Me

Proud Sycamore alum, lifter, sports enthusiast, blogger, gamer and tech geek. All-Around Nerd.

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